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A  Virtual 1:1 Six Week Experience 

For many, reconnecting with your sensual feminine can be a long, overwhelming, and exhausting healing journey but, it does not have to be.


When I first began my sensual feminine journey I would spend my days flipping through books, listening to podcasts, and following all of the social media accounts that "fell" under the sensual feminine category.


I spent years healing myself, releasing shame, reimagining pleasure, tapping into my orgasmic energy, exploring sensual living rituals, and reintroducing soul-liberation. 

Although I will forever be a student, I've built an amazing relationship with my body, pleasure, and joy...

and so can you! 

Tell me if any of the  below statements ring true for you :

You've been feeling alone during your journey back to your sensual feminine.

You're newly on your sensual feminine journey and unsure where to begin.

You're currently feeling detached from your sensuality, pleasure, and joy. 

You feel shame and doubt around your sensuality, eroticism, and orgasmic energy.

You feel guilty about slowing down, resting, and nourishing your body. 

"Sensual movement is a beloved and sacred practice of mine. Having Desire as my guide and fellow sister goddess was such an awakening experience. Every session is unique and catered to where you are emotionally and physically. I learned so much through this beautiful process about myself and how to show up for myself. I highly recommend the sensual movement sessions to enhance your womanhood journey. Thank you Desire. Deep love for you and all that you do! "

Stephanie R.

Although Yoni Egg use is optional ( Yoni Egg use is not a requirement for any Sugar and Sage experience. ), there's a magic that happens when you connect movement to energy work. Allowing the body to sway, shift, relax, and flow along with your yoni egg practice prompts you to stay mindful of your center. When wearing a Yoni Egg you’re left with very little room to get “side-tracked" or distracted by how your movement looks. As a result, you're guided to remain focused on the sensations in and around your hips. 

Find out more about Yoni Eggs by clicking here!

** “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” 

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