The Healing Power of Yoni Reflexology

Have you heard of Yoni Reflexology?

I know when we hear the term "reflexology" we often associate it with a neck massage or even more so, a foot massage; however, according to the Tao, the Yoni/ Vagina contains some of the most powerful reflex points within the body.

Let's break it down...

There's a deep connection between our emotional state and organ health. We know that negative feelings can make us feel sick; however, happy feelings invite healing energy to flow freely throughout the body and harmonize where needed. That's exactly how Yoni reflexology works.

"The genital region mirrors different organs."

~ Tao

Kidneys :

Connected to the G-spot, when the kidneys are healthy we feel at peace, gentle, and calm. When they are unhealthy we experience guilt, shame, and fear.

Liver :

When the liver of the Yoni is healthy we feel sympathetic, giving, and confident. When the liver is unhealthy, we may feel greedy and frustrated.

Pancreas / Spleen :

When the spleen is balanced and healthy, we are grounded and open. When the spleen is unhealthy, we are consumed with stress and anxiety.

Lungs :

Located around the cervix, the lungs of the Yoni is the most untouched area. When the lungs of the Yoni are healthy, we feel alive and present. When the lungs are unhealthy, we may feel self-critical and even depressed.

Heart :

The heart of the Yoni is the core of our passion. When the heart of the Yoni is healthy, we feel content and joyful. Also, a healthy heart allows you to better receive and give love. When the heart is unhealthy, we may feel lazy and thoughtless.

Yoni Reflexology Massaging Rituals

The quickest way to begin a yoni reflexology practice is with the regular use of a Yoni Egg. Yoni Eggs assist in energetically targeting various points of the Yoni. Intentionally use your Yoni Egg to gently massage reflexology points that are out of balance. This will activate healing, clarifying, and awakening energy.

Take your Yoni reflexology exploration a step further by incorporating gentle movement, breathwork, and meditation to target specific pressure points within the Yoni.

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If you have not begun a personal Yoni Egg practice, no worries!

You can practice Yoni reflexology massaging rituals using your fingers, crystal wand, or sex toy.

Try This :

Begin by setting the mood and releasing any tension within the body by taking a nice bath or shower.

Next, find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed.

Warm up the Yoni by gently massaging your breast or nipples. Inviting stimulation and ease. When you're ready, lie, or sit in a comfortable position. ( With access to your Yoni/vagina )

Take a few deep breaths. Breathing in loving intentions.

Intuitively massage one area of the Yoni for 10-15 minutes. This practice may be explored daily as a healing, pleasure, and self-care ritual.

Maintain the health of your mental, spiritual, sensual, and emotional body... this is your birthright. ~ Desire'

Have you tried Yoni reflexology before? If so, I would love to hear about your experience!

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