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5 Affirmations to Jump Start Your Sensual Movement Practice

You've turned down the lights, put on your sexiest movement wear and you're ready to begin your sensual movement practice but, you're not feeling very in your body......

It's important to lay a solid self-loving foundation for all of your sensual movement and embodiment practices.

Are you full of self-doubt and feeling unsure or are you self-loving and affirming yourself?

Your words have power and the intention placed on your practice sets the tone for your movement. Giving yourself some reassuring love is one way to tap into the body and have an authentic sensual movement session.

Here are five affirmations that you can use to jump start a sensual, embodied and self-loving movement practice :


1: I am unapologetic in my sexual expression.

2. I am flawless just as I am.

3. I am naturally sensual & graceful.

4. I am free to be authentically me.

5. I am comfortable in my body.


Take a few seconds prior to beginning your movement or attending your next sensual movement class to say aloud one or all of the above affirmations. While in the middle of practice self-doubt may show up, no worries, re-affirm yourself once again.

~ Happy Moving Goddesses


Do you have a favorite affirmation to say when you're feeling "out of your body" ? Share in the comment section below!

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