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It's All About The Crown || Purple "Royale" Amethyst

Inspired by this powerful Leo Season and the beautiful Purple "Royale" Amethyst yoni egg, this month we're focusing on moving from a place of knowing.

GIA Certified Purple Amethyst Yoni Egg | Sugar and Sage

August is all about placing in the forefront serenity, grace, mindfulness and royal embodiment.

The energy surrounding Leo Season is extremely powerful in guiding us to adjust our crowns and give ourselves permission to take up space.

Be bold, present with self, free and full.

"When you move from a place of knowing, you're able to reside in a balanced space of feminine power and grace..." ~ Desire'

Ok, let's begin with the perfect yoni stone to move and meditate with this month.

Corresponding to the crown and third eye chakra, Purple "Royal" Amethyst is a powerful stone that assists in cultivating grace, feminine presence and all of that juicy flow energy.

This stone infuses a deep feeling of knowing.

Next, set your focus on the color purple. You've heard of the saying, purple is a sign of royalty. It's true!

Surround yourself in hints of purple or, if you're anything like me...bathe your space in it. Try adding fresh purple flowers to your workspace, wear your favorite purple head wrap during meditation, paint your nails purple or even spread hues of purple around your living space.

Use hints of purple as a reminder to slow down, breathe and move with feminine grace.

Finally, set a daily reminder on your calendar to carve out time for self-care. This can be anything from time spent journaling to time spent doing absolutely nothing.

You know what your soul needs.


Something to muse on this month...

When you hear the word "royalty" what comes to mind?

How does you calling yourself "royal" make you feel?

How many times during a single day do you stop, take a deep breath and affirm yourself?

What type of conversations have you been having with self lately? Have you been feeding your soul yummy things or have you been quite hard on yourself lately?

Breathe, Read and Repeat

"I am a powerfully sensual, royal Goddess."


// For more spec details on our Purple "Royale" Amethyst yoni eggs or to snag one for your collection, click here.

If you're not quite ready to practice with the yoni egg inside of the vagina, no pressure! It's common for women to begin a yoni egg practice by simply holding the stone in the palm of their hands during meditation, wearing it in their bra or placing it on their altar. Don't let anyone rush you or force you into a vaginal yoni egg practice. Only you know when you're ready!

See our yoni egg FAQ page for more info. xoxo ||

~ Happy Moving Sis

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