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3 Things To Consider When Beginning A New Yoni Egg Practice

Hey Goddess hey! Let's have a very uncommon conversation regarding the utilization of sacred tools to reconnect/awaken your sensual and sexually expressive other words, lets talk yoni egg practices.

With the abundance and forever emerging accessibility to sacred feminine and sexual awakening tools, we may easily become overwhelmed

with inner questions such as...

Is this for me? Is this practice healthy for my yoni? Does this really work? Am I ready?

Here are a few things to muse on when beginning any new yoni egg practice :

Do you feel called to this particular practice?

Whether it's yoni yoga, yoni egg practices, yoni steams, yoni pearls and so many other lovely sacred tools...welcoming your feminine intuition to take lead is so important. When you're ready, soul will guide you and the benefits of your practice will be that much more delicious.

Beginning anything new may bring about healthy waves of anxious energy and emotions but, if your soul is filled with dis-ease at the mere thought, consider further research or hold off on this particular practice for now.

Remember, trust your inner intuition.


"....when you're ready, soul will guide you and the benefits of your practice will be that much more delicious."


Have you actively researched or been in contact with someone who's well versed in a yoni egg practice?

Irregardless of the particular yoni/womb practice, a proper understanding welcomes ease and flow into your new ritual.

You don't have to know it all but, understanding the basics of your newly found practice is beneficial.

For example // Although, here at Sugar and Sage we offer GIA Certified Yoni Eggs only, not everyone does. Understanding the importance of purchasing pure crystals is vital in not only the metaphysical results but, the health of the yoni.

As a beginner you may not be aware of how to safely care-for and practice with your crystals. If available to you, I suggest attending a local class or booking a one on one session with a practitioner who may not only answer personalized questions but, one who will introduce you to the practice in a way that's safe and easily digestible.

Knowledge on the particular practice welcomes rest for reservations and allows for you to properly assess if this practice aligns with your intentions.

| When considering a new yoni egg practice; I not only offer one on one online sessions but, I also offer free consultations where all questions and concerns are welcomed. For more info click here! |

What are your intentions with beginning this particular practice?

Setting intentions simply means to inner-stand what you intend to do and/or bring about.

One of the most common benefits of any yoni/womb practice is the shameless cultivation of self-love and body connection. Ensuring that your intentions are self-focused may avoid the feelings of resentment that tend to come up if you're doing this for anyone else but you. Even if you're not completely clear on your intentions, understanding that this particular practice is something that YOU need/want to implement is important.


Strengthen your pelvic floor for you.

Enhance orgasms for you.

Connect deeply to your yoni and heart space for you.

Ground into your feminine essence for you.

If you're going to do this, do it for you sis.


Ultimately, you know what your soul calls for.

The major thing to consider is how to safely and effectively explore that calling.

Breathe, ask questions and align with your intuition.

~ Love and Hugs Sis


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