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A Pleasure Ritual | Gift Yourself A Breast Massage

When is the last time that you gifted yourself a breast massage?

Similar to the *Yoni, breasts can carry immense amounts of shame. This is commonly rooted in how heavily womxn’s bodies - especially breasts if you have them - are sexualized. Shame has been passed down from generation to generation and often becomes so natural that many hardly notice it.

Take a deep breath and muse.

How often have you crossed your arms out of fear that your breasts are simply doing too much?

How many padded bras or pastie purchases have you made because someone told you that erect nipples are offensive, inviting, or too sexy?

What were you taught about your breasts? Is this true?


Although two crucial benefits of breast massages are early detection and flushing toxins through the lymphatic system - breast massages also assist in the flow of *prana, releasing emotional/sensual limitations, self-reclamation, and cultivating a shame-free relationship with your body.

~ Desire’


Here are a few tips on how to gift yourself a breast massage :

( For a fully guided breast massage, tips, and musings ~ click here to visit The Velvet Room )

Grab your favorite body/massage oil.

A few of my favorite oils Inspired by Ayurvedic Medicine here are a few of my favorite oils :

Sesame ( nourishing )

Frankincense ( heart-opening & grounding )

Rosemary ( healing )

Chamomile ( calming )

Take this ritual to the next level by warming up the oil. ;)

Sugar and Sage | How To Breast Massage | Yoni Eggs | Crystal Wands

Stand or sit in front of your mirror.

Begin by cupping ( underneath ) your breast with one hand while you massage with the other hand.

Work in gentle but firm strokes. Inhale positive affirmations as you massage loving intentions into your breasts.

Now, make your thumb and middle fingers into a V shape and press from the outer breast to the nipple, ensuring to massage the entire breast.

Lift your arm toward the ceiling and and take the opposite hand to the outer chest where it connects to the arm. Massage the lymphatic area of the upper chest and inner armpit with gentle, intentional, and loving strokes.

Goddess Tip : Incorporate breast massages into your Yoni Egg and crystal wand practices.

Journal, muse, and meditate.

Pull out your journal and take note of how you felt before, during, and after your massage.

Was there any resistance? What feelings came up for you, if any?

Add breast massages to your pleasure ritual list as a frequently explored practice and notice the shift in your relationship with your breasts, your emotional body, and your pleasure.


Cultivating a relationship with your body that is rooted in love, sacredness, liberation, and pleasure is your birthright. Tune in... ~ Desire’


It’s never to late to begin your sensual yoga, embodiment, and reclamation journey. I am here to support you. Click here to explore our 50+ guided on-demand sensual yoga experiences or click here to find out more about one-on one sessions!

Sending you love, pleasure, and so much ease. ~ Desire’

* prana - life-force energy also seen as a unifersal energy which flows in currents in and around the body.

* Yoni - Sanskrit term for female genitalia. Also known as “sacred space”.


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