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It’s Here! Sugar and Sage Announces Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification

We are now live! Sugar and Sage is so excited to announce the first-of-its-kind Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification. This certification program is perfect for yoga enthusiasts looking to deepen their practice and explore an embodied yoga practice rooted in sensory play, intuitive movement, and body awareness. The six-week course is set to begin at the end of April and will provide participants with 30 hours of 75 hours RYT annual continuing education requirements, as well as a certificate of completion.

Sugar and Sage | Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

When exploring Yoga practices, we often separate ourselves from our sensual nature, sexual (creative) energy, and our pleasure, thus leaving many dysregulated, overwhelmed, and disconnected from their power. Within this program, we invite practitioners to find their way back into their bodies and reconnect with their true essence. This practice does not bypass natural parts of our human experience. It supports honoring where you are today, giving yourself grace, and emotional resilience.

This program is composed of gems that our Teacher, Desire’ Lott has learned from years of practicing, studying, and guiding trauma-informed Sensual Yoga experiences. The Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program has been meticulously designed with you in mind to offer a truly immersive and transformative experience. While honoring Yoga's historical background, this life-altering course will take you on an expansive journey through Sensual Yoga - offering a juicy blend of Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Modern Tantra, Embodiment, and Trauma-Informed Practices. We designed this unique curriculum to help you explore and deepen your understanding of the connection between your body and mind, as well as your connection with others. The certification program is a perfect opportunity for you if you are passionate about the many facets of Yoga and want to take your practice to the next level.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting on your journey, we are here to help you develop your skills, deepen your practice, and gain a more profound understanding of the transformative power of Sensual Yoga. The program will be both challenging and rewarding, equipping you with the tools to deepen your practice and share your knowledge with others.

I am so thankful that you have been a part of this journey, and I challenge you to join me in this program.

Ready to get started? Learn more here, or let’s explore in my upcoming class! ~ Desire’ ( Creator & Guide )


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