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Unlike many traditional yoga styles, Yoni Yoga is intended to focus on honoring the feminine rhythms, awaken the sensual feminine, expand creative center awareness and safely shift energy in and around the hips. If you're wanting a movement experience that slows you down, enhances sensual pleasure, connects you to your breath and reconnects you to your power source....

this experience is for you!

it's time to reclaim your sensual feminine power...

Although Yoni Egg use is optional, there's a magic that happens when you connect movement to energy work. Allowing the body to sway, shift, relax and flow along with your yoni egg practice prompts you to stay mindful of your center. When wearing a Yoni Egg you’re left with very little room to get “side-tracked" or distracted by how your movement looks. As a result you're guided to remain focused on the sensations in and around your hips. 

Utilizing restorative yoga asanas ( physical poses ), hip and heart openers, pelvic floor exercises, breath-work and loving womb meditation practices, the Sugar and Sage Yoni Yoga experience opens the floor to shamelessly accepting self in it's entirety.

After a Yoni Yoga experience expect to feel embodied and aware of your juicy Goddess energy. To experience movement that focuses on one of the most easily forgotten feminine power, pussy magic. To have space held for you as you gently fall deeper in love with self. To walk away with a clear understanding of Yoni Eggs, its associated practices and how to curate your very own yoni egg practice ritual.

** “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” 

...what are you waiting for?