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Restorative Yoga & The Sensual Feminine

Slow down, breathe, tune-in, lead with pleasure, welcome ease...


We have all experienced what many may consider a burnout. Those moments where you are completely exhausted, emotionally bankrupt, disconnected from your pleasure, covered in overwhelm, and simply tired.

In order to continually stand in your primal source of power, you have to tend to your emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and sensual well-being.

Beautiful, you can't pour from an empty cup.


"Reclaim your time and resist the idea that living in 'burnout" is the only way to exist." ~ Desire'


What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is simply - restorative. Restorative yoga experiences commonly forge space for you to be introspective, tune into your body wisdom, and welcome ease...which are all healing aspects of the sensual feminine. Intended to align your mind, body, and spirit, restorative yoga is traditionally an experience where props are used to fully support the body, and physical poses are held for a longer period of time.


"Movement practices have always been a catalyst for me to embrace and embody my sensual feminine energy."

~ Desire'


When you begin to restore and settle into your feminine energy, you formulate space for the world around you to reflect your desires, your pleasures, and overall joy. It's vital to slow down long enough to determine the aforementioned.

What does your heart desire?

What brings you pleasure?

Within all beings, masculine and feminine energy exists. ( This has nothing to do with gender. ) Commonly, masculine energy can be described as a full force and feminine energy described as a flow. Balance is necessary to both create the life that you desire and surrender to the ever-changing aspects of this human experience. Because many of us were taught to only be on go, to hustle, and always make the things happen, when we are invited to balance our yin/yang energy by slowing down, resting, and exploring feminine energy, it can feel taboo and truthfully...downright shameful. I resist that.


"You have the right to access your pleasure, revel in breathing practices, and announce your desires." ~ Desire'


For the sake of your sensual well-being, it's time to restore, refill your cup, re-acquaint with your pleasure, and tune-into your body wisdom.

~ Sending you love, pleasure, and hugs.

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