The Velvet Room is a virtual on-demand space for the sensual feminine to move, explore, and muse. 

Curated with Goddess energy in mind by Sugar and Sage creator Desire, The Velvet Room is lined with 25+ on-demand guided sensual yoga sessions, Yoni Yoga experiences, movement meditation practices, pleasure ritual inspiration, and journaling musings. 

You will have unlimited access to pre-recorded movement, pleasure, and sensual living rituals. These videos are intended to slow you down by introducing new ways of incorporating mindfulness, play, exploration, and radical self-love into your day-to-day. 

This is the perfect space for those who...

Are at any movement level.

Are on a journey to reconnect and rediscover their sensual body. 

Would like to explore sensual yoga and so much more, in their own time and at their own pace.

Would like to ritualize their pleasure.

Would like to enhance mobility, flexibility, and strengthen their sensual body.

Have an interest in slow flow, yin yoga, and/or movement rooted in mindfulness, ease, and exploration.

Would like to deepen the relationship with their womb space, Yoni, and sacral center.

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~ Happy Moving!

"Sensual movement is a beloved and sacred practice of mine. Having Desire as my guide and fellow sister goddess was such an awakening experience. Every session is unique and catered to where you are emotionally and physically. I learned so much through this beautiful process about myself and how to show up for myself. I highly recommend the sensual movement sessions to enhance your womanhood journey. Thank you Desire. Deep love for you and all that you do! "

Stephanie R.

What’s included in your monthly subscription?

New on-demand videos uploaded weekly.

Guided sensual yoga sessions. 

Guided meditative Yoni ( Egg ) and womb-loving yoga sessions.

Guided meditation and breathwork experiences.

Pleasure ritual inspirations.

Journaling musings.

Goddess chats & sensual explorations.

( All previously uploaded videos will be available to access indefinitely as long as your subscription is active.

 For example, this will allow you to explore a guided sensual yoga session, 2 months after it's been uploaded. )