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How to join The Velvet Room //  Click the “subscribe” button attached to any one of the videos below. 

Sign in to your member portal or create a log in. 

Revisit this page and click the subscribe button once again. Done!

Still have questions? Click here to find out more about The Velvet Room or visit our FAQ page! ;)

Be Curious // Although Yoni Egg use is optional ( Yoni Egg use is not a requirement for any Sugar and Sage or Velvet Room experience. ), there's a magic that happens when you connect movement to energy work. Allowing the body to sway, shift, relax, and flow along with your Yoni Egg practice prompts you to stay mindful of your creative center. When wearing a Yoni Egg you’re left with very little room to get “side-tracked" or distracted by how your movement looks. As a result, you're guided to remain focused on sensation. 

Find out more about Yoni Eggs by clicking here!

** “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” 

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