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What is The Velvet Room? The Velvet Rom is a virtual on-demand space for the sensual feminine to explore sensual yoga, Yoni yoga, pleasure rituals, Goddess chats, guided meditations, and more!

How much is The Velvet Room subscription? The Velvet Room subscription is only $19.99 per month for unlimited access to guided sensual yoga, Yoni yoga, pleasure practices, and more!

What will I need to participate in the on-demand sensual movement experiences?  Although all of the below mentioned are optional, it is suggested to have access to: Yoga Blocks, Yoga Mat, Yoga Strap, Yoga Bolster and/or Firm Pillows, Blankets, Yoni Egg ( optional). Whatever makes you feel fully supported and connected to your sensual body.

May I cancel my subscription anytime? Absolutely! You can manage your subscription by signing in, and visiting the on-demand video​ page. Click the profile icon on the top right corner of your video player to access your profile. On the pop-up click cancel subscription. For further assistance, please email us at

I am new to sensual yoga, will there be beginner experiences available? Absolutely! At Sugar and Sage we pride ourselves on offering inclusive and trauma-informed experiences that are rooted in safety and accessible for all bodies, at any movement level. Each video is labeled beginner, intermediate, or advanced-friendly, and yoga props ( as well as modifications ) are often suggested.

How often are new videos available? New videos are uploaded bi-weekly; however upon joining the room you already have access to over 40+ guided sensual experiences!

How many times am I able to watch each on-demand video? With a Velvet Room subscription, you have unlimited access to all videos within the library. All previous videos will be available to access indefinitely as long as your subscription is active. For example, you will be able to explore a guided sensual yoga experience two months after it's been uploaded!

I am ready! How do I subscribe? We are so excited to have you join The Velvet Room tribe. Click here or the button below to join now!

Disclaimer :


DO NOT use the information on for diagnosing or treating any health problems or disease or prescribing any medication or other treatment.


ALWAYS consult with YOUR healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or undertaking any treatment, energetic or otherwise, for a medical or health condition.


CONSULT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL before beginning your Yoni Egg and/or sensual movement practice. Nothing on is intended as or a substitute for the medical advice of a qualified healthcare professional. All information on is provided to be helpful, however, it does not substitute for medical advice.

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