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Creme | Sensual Yoga

Sensual Yoga is a sensual and soulful twist on traditional yoga styles. Curated with the sensual feminine in mind, Sensual Yoga is the perfect space to align your mind, body, and spirit. Within this experience Desire' invites you to slow you down,  embrace your authentic movement expression, journey into sensual pleasure, and find your way back to your breath. This is your opportunity to ground, create space within the body, and re-acquaint with your sensual feminine.

Prepare to be guided through a themed sensual yoga sequence within this 60 minute 1:1 experience.


Sensual Yoga incorporates grounding yoga asana ( physical poses ), guided breath-work,  and sensual musings.

* A quiet space, journal, computer/ tablet, and yoga mat highly suggested.


60 mins​

( ** package required )

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Elastic | Sensual Flex

Sensual Flex is a sensual flexibility experience curated for those who would like a safe space to increase flexibility, deepen the relationship to their body wisdom, and unlock areas of resistance.


Within this sensual and soul-centered experience Desire' will guide you through specific poses intended to support you in reaching your flexibility goals, increase breath-body connection, and enhance overall mobility. 


For the Goddesses who would like to focus solely on increasing flexibility...this experience is for you!

Prepare to be guided and supported through a number of customized progressions and poses within this 60 minute 1:1 experience.

* A quiet space, journal, computer/ tablet, yoga blocks, and yoga mat highly suggested.

60 mins​

( ** package required )

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Satin | Tantric Talk & Explorations

Tantric Talk is for the female-bodied person who would like a safe and trauma-informed container to discuss topics such as Tantra, sex, Yoga,  love, intimacy, and so much more!


This space has been curated for those who would like space held as they deepen their relationship with the erotic, improve intimacy, strengthen their communication skills, and reclaim their sexual power. Within this 60-minute experience, Desire’ cultivates a safe and trauma-informed space for you to talk through areas of resistance, explore tantric rituals, and muse on practices curated to support you on your reclamation journey. 


This is your opportunity to share, seek support, and unfold within a safe container. Prepare to find a comfortable seat, drop into your body, share, and muse.


​* A quiet space, computer/tablet, journal highly suggested.

60 mins

( ** package required )

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Custom Experience

Want to explore something specific?

A custom 1:1 experience may be perfect for you!

Here are a few custom options :

- Hatha 

- Couples Yoga

- Vinyasa

-Sensual Pole Dance

* Access to a pole is required for all virtual pole dance experiences.

Prices Vary - 60 mins

Unsure of where to start? Click here to book a sensual movement consultation with Desire'. 

Common Questions


What do I need?

A yoga mat ( blocks and straps if needed ), good internet connection, and a web camera with working audio.

Who is this virtual one on one session for?

Anyone who wants to learn the art of sensual movement from the comfort of their own space and at their own pace.

Do I need Skype?

No, we make it easy for you! When your booking is confirmed, you will be emailed an online video conference link that allows us to see and hear each other clearly without the hassle.

What is sensual movement? 

At Sugar and Sage, we define sensual movement as a movement methodology that either utilizes the senses to ignite and move the body or, utilizes the body to ignite and tap into the senses. Sensual movement promotes mindfulness, healing, and empowers sexual expression. 

Who will be my instructor?

All of our virtual one on one sessions are instructed by Sugar and Sage creator Desire`.  Find out more about her here!

What if I am new to a sensual movement practice?

No worries! At Sugar and Sage, we pride ourselves on providing workshops, classes, and one on one sessions accessible to all bodies. If you have any injuries or limitations, simply let Desire' know so that she may provide modifications for you!

I have purchased a virtual package, how do I book my first session?

The process is fairly simple and you are able to manage your sessions completely within our member portal!

Begin by clicking here to log into your portal. Once you are logged in you will visit the " Sensual Movement" menu option and click "Book Now". Choose your session and check out using your virtual package plan. You will receive a detailed confirmation email from Desire' within 24 hours of your session.  If you have any further booking questions or in need of support, click the chat icon or email us at

Looking to book an online sensual movement session but not sure where to start? No worries, I have you covered! With this complimentary consultation, I will answer any questions, discuss your movement goals, and go over how I can best customize a session just for you! Click here to book a consultation with S+S Creator and Sensual Movement Guide Desire'.

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