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A 4-6 week journey of embodiment, Sensual Yoga, reclamation, and erotic liberation. Our virtual 1:1 sensual coaching experiences are for those who would like a safe and trauma-informed space to deepen into liberating practices such as Sensual Yoga, mindful flexibility training, and modern Tantra.

This safe container has been curated for anyBODY that would like to deepen their relationship with the erotic, improve intimacy, strengthen communication skills, reclaim their sensual body, release stored trauma, and embody their true sexual power. Within our 60-minute private coaching sessions, Desire' cultivates a safe and trauma-informed space for you to move through areas of resistance, explore tantric rituals, mindfully create space within the body, journey into somatic healing, and muse on practices curated to support you on your reclamation journey. 

Utilizing Sensual Yoga and Tantric Stretching as loving catalysts to re-connect you with your power, this is your opportunity to share, seek healing support, and unfold within a safe container. Prepare to roll out your mat, drop into your sensual body, align with your true nature, and muse. 

Our private 1:1 virtual coaching experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Sensual Yoga Flow and Music Playlist

  • Tantric and Mindful Flexibility Training

  • Somatic Healing and Trauma Release Practices

  • Guided Breath-Work and Meditation

  • Personalized Self-Intimacy and Pleasure Rituals

  • Trauma-Informed Talk Space

Package purchase required to book.

Click here to find out more about our Virtual Coaching packages.

I didn't smile before taking sessions with Desire', now seeing me smile with teeth is not a rare sight. I had anxiety I could not manage and did not understand. Through this work I've been able to get to the root of it, and I can say confidently that I breathe and rest easy now.  My anxiety no longer controls my life. I respond differently ( better ) to my triggers. I am softer, lighter, more focused, more flexible, and overall more joyful because of this practice.

~ Tamia B.

Common Questions

What do I need?

A yoga mat ( blocks and straps if needed ), good internet connection, and a web camera with working audio.

Who is this virtual coaching for?

AnyBody who wants to explore the healing art of Sensual Yoga, receive customized trauma-informed support, deepen the relationship with their sensual body, re-acquaint with the erotic, and reframe intimacy with themselves and those around you, 

Do I need Skype?

No, we make it easy for you! When your booking is confirmed, you will be emailed an online video conference link that allows us to see and hear each other clearly without the hassle.

Who will be my instructor?

All of our virtual one on one coaching sessions are guided by Sugar and Sage creator Desire`.  Find out more about her here!

What if I am new to a Sensual Yoga practice?

No worries! At Sugar and Sage, we pride ourselves on providing workshops, classes, and one on one sessions suitable for any Body at any movement level. If you have any injuries or limitations, simply let Desire' know so that she may provide modifications for you!

I have purchased a virtual coaching package, how do I book my first session?

The process is fairly simple and you are able to manage your sessions completely within our member portal!

Begin by clicking here to log into your portal. Once you are logged in you will visit the " Sensual Movement" menu option and click "Book Now". Choose your session and check out using your virtual package plan. You will receive a detailed confirmation email from Desire' within 24 hours of your session.  If you have any further booking questions or in need of support, click the chat icon or email us at

  • Best Value
    Go even deeper on your sensual and erotic feminine journey…
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6 One on One Customized 90 Minute Virtual Sessions
    • Individualized Guidance and Sensual Feminine Support
    • Curated Practices To Support Erotic Liberation & Reclamation
    • Unlimited Access To A Trauma-Informed Talk Space
    • A Certified Yoni Egg & Crystal Pleasure Wand
    • 3 Month Access To The Velvet Room
    • Continued Exploration Through Custom Prompts & Rituals
  • 369$
    Expand on your sensual movement and embodiment goals..
    Valid for 2 months
    • 4 One on One Virtual Sessions
    • Mix and Match Your Sessions
    • Build A Consistent Practice From The Comfort of Your Home
    • Individualized Guidance and Support
    • Continued Exploration Through Prompts and Ritual Inspiration
    • 2 Month Access To The Velvet Room
  • 189$
    The perfect introduction to sensual movement & embodiment...
    Valid for one month
    • 2 One on One Virtual Sessions
    • Mix and Match Your Sessions
    • Build A Consistent Practice From The Comfort of Your Home
    • Individualized Guidance and Support
    • Continued Exploration Through Prompts and Ritual Inspiration

Purchased your package and ready to book a session?  Click here to book a virtual 1:1 coaching session!

Virtual 1:1 Packages

Looking to book an online sensual yoga coaching experience but not sure where to start? No worries, I have you covered! With this consultation, I will answer any questions, discuss your movement goals, and go over how I can best customize a session just for you! Click the button below to book a consultation with S+S Creator and Sensual Yoga Guide Desire'.

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