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  • Melt | Sensual & Restorative Bed Yoga
    Sun, Jul 09
    Live Via Zoom
    Sensual Restorative Bed Yoga is a gentle and relaxing style of Sensual Yoga that focuses on full body relaxation and stress relief through a series of supported poses. It involves the use of props such as blankets and pillows to help the sensual body fully relax into each pose.
  • Unfold | Sensual Yin Yoga
    Sun, Jul 16
    Live Via Zoom
    Sensual Yin is a slow-paced, beginner-friendly Sensual Yoga experience that involves holding asanas ( physical poses ) for a longer period of time. It regulates the flow of energy, increases circulation, balances internal organs, and targets deep connective tissues to improve flexibility.

Desire' is amazing! Starting a yoga practice with her has been a sweet pleasure for my mind, body, and just feels good! I find myself incorporating her mantras and going back to intentions set in our sessions throughout my day to keep me motivated, grounded, restored, and feeling myself in my sensual power! I encourage anyone to follow and join Desire' in the Sugar and Sage experiences! It's amazing! 


~ Chante B.

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