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This 30-Hour virtual Teacher Training Certification experience is a first-of-its kind comprehensive and broadening program that will transform your personal practice and deepen your understanding of Sensual Yoga. This program is composed of gems that our Teacher, Desire’ Lott has learned from years of practicing, studying, and guiding trauma-informed Sensual Yoga experiences. While honoring Yoga's historical background, this life-altering course will take you on an expansive journey through Sensual Yoga - offering a juicy blend of Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Modern Tantra, Embodiment, and Trauma-Informed Practices.

Over six intensive weeks, this training will be a powerfully transformative experience. It will prepare you to confidently support others on their journey of reclamation and sensual liberation through Yoga. As a Sugar and Sage SYTT graduate, you will be fully equipped to guide quality trauma-informed Sensual Yoga experiences all over the world.

Whether you are an aspiring Sensual Yoga teacher or would like to deepen your personal practice, this Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certified Program will give you a strong foundation to practice and confidently teach Sensual Yoga.


Program Objectives

  • Participants will gain a thorough understanding of Sensual Yoga, facilitating trauma-informed experiences, and curating classes that support safety and honor the well-being of all attendees.

  • Participants will learn through mentorship, and in-depth individual exploration why and how to facilitate safe, ethical, and liberating Sensual Yoga experiences.

  • Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to confidently facilitate Sensual Yoga sessions (with individuals or groups)  as a nourishing practice for those who would like  to deepen the connection with their sensual body, their pleasure, and overall well-being. 

The Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification program is approx. 6-8 weeks. Participants can estimate a commitment of 6 hours per week for this certification program. The required time may vary based on content and individual learning style.

Upcoming SYTT Certification Program Dates:

April 30 - June 4, 2023 ~ Sold Out

July 9 - August 13, 2023 ~ Sold Out

Sept 17 - Oct 22, 2023 ~ Sold Out

Jan 28 - Mar 10, 2024 ~ Sold Out

May 5 - Jun 16, 2024 ~ Sold Out

Aug 18 - Sept 29, 2024 ~ Spaces Available

Program Costs

The total cost for the Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification program is $799. Payment options available via Sezzle, Paypal, and our SYTT payment plan. See our financial policy for details.


Comprehensive Training Manual

30 Minute Private Consultation

18 Hours of Live Instruction

Consultative Support

Discussion Group

Certificate of Completion



Desire` Lott,  is a Sensual Liberator, a Pleasure Activist, Yoni Egg Practitioner, and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has transformed her undeniable passion for soul-filled sensuality, embodied movement,  feminine pleasure, the erotic, and sisterhood into what is now Sugar and Sage.  


Desire` has devoted years to studying sensuality, sexual liberation, feminine energy, tantrism, Yoga, and the power of the body. Desire' has been a sensual movement, Sensual Yoga, and embodiment guide for over 10 years. She has taught thousands of women all over the world, facilitated hundreds of trauma-informed experiences, been featured on MGM's steamy late night series, and is known as a sensual pillar in her community. 

As an E-RYT, YACEP with Yoga Alliance, her credentials and areas of expertise include:

  • 200+ Hour ( Yoga & Ayurveda )

  • 40 Hour ( Trauma - Informed Yoga )

  • 25 Hour ( Restorative Yoga )

  • 30 Hour Yin Yoga

  • Flow Movement & Breath-Work

  • Crystal Healing & Yoni Egg Practices

  • Tantric Practices & Ritual

  • 500 Hour ( Yoga & Ayurveda - Ongoing )

"I believe in womxn creating a safe space for other womxn. A continuous sharing of all things,  a transference of power." ~ Desire' , Creator & Guide


"Completing the Sensual Yoga Teacher Training has been a transformative journey for me. It has helped me connect with my own sensuality in ways I never imagined and significantly enriched my teaching skills. My biggest takeaway is to slow down in order to feel more within my container. The emphasis on presence, mindfulness, and blending sensuality with spirituality has made my practice more holistic and fulfilling. I do feel more confident in creating a safe, inclusive space where my students can embrace their vulnerability and authenticity. Being part of a supportive community has underscored the importance of connection, and I am excited to continue learning and growing. I'm grateful for this experience and look forward to sharing these insights with my students, helping them discover joy and well-being through their own practice. I also look forward to learning more from you as you continue to build up our community. I appreciate you!"

~ Bleu


What is Sensual Yoga? Sensual Yoga ( as defined by Sugar and Sage creator, Desire' Lott ) is an embodied yoga practice rooted in sensory play, intuitive movement, body awareness, reflection, tantrism, breath, and true pleasure. Sensual Yoga is a gentle invitation to come home to yourself, honor your cyclical nature, reclaim full autonomy over your body, increase sensory awareness, and tune into your own body wisdom.

Do I need to be a certified yoga instructor to enroll in this program? Because we pride ourselves on being inclusive, you are not required to be a Certified or Registered Yoga Instructor. Although Yoga certification is not a prerequisite for this Sensual Yoga Teacher Certification course, the material covered within the course has been curated with active Yoga teachers in mind.

How do I prepare for and access the classes? Live classes are held once a week for 6 weeks. Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome email detailing access to the live virtual classes, weekly session prep, and more!

What are trauma-informed practices? The goal of trauma-informed care is to avoid re-traumatizing someone. “Re-traumatizing refers to inadvertently recreating some conditions of a persons’ previous trauma, causing them to relive it in the moment.”  As a Sensual Yoga Guide and Facilitator it is vital that you understand how to avoid opening wounds that you are not licensed to close, how to provide proper emotional aftercare, and how to cultivate a safe and consensual container for yourself and your students.

What if the dates don’t work with my schedule? We would love to work with you. Contact us directly at to see how we can better support your schedule.

Is this program Yoga Alliance recognized? Yes, we are registered with the Yoga Alliance and our Sensual Yoga Certification Course and curriculum has been approved. Your SYTT Certification grants you the ability to receive 30 hours towards your 75hour YA Continuing Education requirement.


Applications are thoroughly reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until all cohorts are full. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.


  • Do you want to find out more and ensure you are ready for this new journey?

  • Do you want to know more about about the program contents and details?

As a second step, we invite you to have a complimentary call with us! We would be happy to answer your questions and help you determine if this certification experience is for you. It is important for us to understand your values , your strengths, and your intentions so that we can be of great support for you! Click the button below to schedule a complimentary call today.

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