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We Are Coming To A City Near You! Sugar and Sage Announces Sensual Yoga & Tantra Experience Tour

We are bringing all of the sensual and erotic energy to a city near you! Sugar and Sage is so excited to announce its first Sensual Yoga and Tantra Experience, Satin. This experience is perfect for those who would like to witness the full spectrum of their sensuality through flow movement, asana (Yoga poses), and sensory exploration; cultivate sexual "creative" energy through Tantric breath-work practices; and deepen the relationship with their sensual bodies through loving prompts and musings. This liberating ninety minute experience is set to begin at the end of September in Baltimore, Maryland and will conclude at the beginning of November in Dallas, Texas.

Sugar and Sage | Sensual Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

You were born a sensual and erotic being - with the innate power to alchemize shame into liberation, and live a life rooted in pleasure, passion, and ease. The key to unlock this power is to harness the energy of your sensuality, your sacred sexuality, and your eroticism.

With sensual feminine energy in mind, this transformative experience has been curated by our teacher, Desire' Lott as a way to explore, connect with, and experience The Erotic within.

At Sugar and Sage, we believe that there's so much power in redefining The Erotic for yourself, embodying your sensuality, and sharing space with like-minded beings.

Satin is the perfect experience for those who:

  • Want to explore somatic wisdom and cultivate a deeper awareness of the senses.

  • Are on a journey to reclaim their sensual body, erotic power, and pleasure.

  • Would like to cultivate a soft, slow, and nourishing pleasure practice.

  • Want to expand their understanding of sensual feminine energy, eroticism, and intimacy.

  • Want to tune into their desires and recognize their body’s yes and no.

New to Sensual Yoga? No worries! Sugar and Sage experiences are open to all. No prior knowledge of Sensual Yoga or Tantra is required. Sensual Yoga is perfect for any BODY at any movement level.

Our Satin, A Sensual Yoga & Tantra Experience tour dates and city's include:

  • Baltimore, MD | Sat, Sept 23 | 5 pm

  • Brooklyn, NY | Sat, Sept 30 | 5 pm

  • Los Angeles, CA | Sat, Oct 14 | 5 pm

  • Houston, TX | Sun, Oct 29 | 5 pm

  • Dallas, TX | Sun, Nov 5 | 5 pm

Ready to join in on this juicy and liberating Sensual Yoga experience, see the city's above and click here to grab your pleasure pass! Space is limited to maintain intimacy and RSVP is required. Due to demand, tickets will not be sold at the door. Confirm your attendance by purchasing your Pleasure Pass here.

See you there! ~ Desire’ ( Creator & Guide )


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