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HONEY // A 3 hr Sensual Movement Immersion

Curated and instructed by Desire` ( iampolebunny ) , Honey is a 3 hour, all level, sensual movement immersive.


In this sensual movement based immersive we utilize floor flow movement sequences, yoga inspired poses, breath-work, freestyle prompts, movement meditation practices & soul-filled music to gently guide everyone into the sensual body and enhance overall body awareness. 


This all-inclusive sensual movement immersion has been curated to slow you down by finding stillness in movement, sensual moments in flow and nuancing. 


This is the perfect 3 hour experience for all who : 


- want to enhance freestyle & flow abilities

- want to explore self-love & its correlation to movement

- want a safe & loving space to explore their sensuality

- want to enhance body awareness

- want to learn how to use sensual movement as a meditative & sexually expressive tool

- want to enhance mobility & flexibility 

- want to awaken creative feminine energy & soul-filled passion

- want to slow down and allow the body to lead

- want to explore a movement methodology that can be practiced anywhere, at any time.


Overall this immersive is for everyone who wants to feel embodied, free & unapologetically sensual!

RSVP for Los Angeles

For traveling Dallas immersive attendees :

Lodging Options // 

 Air BnB ( highly suggested )

Places to Eat // Things to Do

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*Ticket purchase does not include airfare, lodging or meals. 

** To lodge close to the Dance Studio search " near Dallas Galleria '

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