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Creme | Sensual Yoga is a sensual and soulful twist on traditional yoga styles. Curated with the sensual feminine in mind, Sensual Yoga is the perfect space to align your mind, body, and spirit. Within this experience Desire' invites you to slow you down,  embrace your authentic movement expression, journey into sensual pleasure, and find your way back to your breath.  This is your opportunity to ground, create space within the body, and re-acquaint with your sensual feminine. Find out more about our 1:1 virtual sensual yoga experience.

Elastic | Sensual Flex is a sensual flexibility experience curated for those who would like a safe space to increase flexibility, deepen the relationship to their body wisdom, and unlock areas of resistance. Within this sensual and soul-centered experience Desire' will guide you through specific poses intended to support you in reaching your flexibility goals, increase breath-body connection, and enhance overall mobility.  For the Goddesses who would like to focus solely on increasing flexibility and connecting to their sensual body..., this experience is for you!  Find out more about our 1:1 virtual sensual flex experience.

"Sensual movement is a beloved and sacred practice of mine. Having Desire as my guide and fellow sister goddess was such an awakening experience. Every session is unique and catered to where you are emotionally and physically. I learned so much through this beautiful process about myself and how to show up for myself. I highly recommend the sensual movement sessions to enhance your womanhood journey. Thank you Desire. Deep love for you and all that you do! "

~ Stephanie R.

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