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How To Make A Goddess Jar

sugar + sage | goddess jar

what is it?

The Goddess Jar, also known as a Goddess / God Box is a vessel for giving up your worries, needs and prayers to the Divine. This sacred jar is indeed an actual physical jar, chosen and designed with the intent to place prayer petitions, moon releases, affirmations, etc.

What you will be doing with your jar is writing down your releases and placing the slip of paper within, along with speaking words of prayer and offering, to your chosen deity or spirit, asking them to help you with your need or release.

For an example of how to use your Goddess Jar, please see previous blog post : a new moon ritual for introspection.


now it's time to get really creative!

sugar + sage | goddess jar

Purchase a mason jar or a wood crate at your local craft store. You may also use items within your home such as a shoe box, old jewelry box, etc. Choose colors and garnishes that directly reflect you, natural elements or specific deities. You may paint your jar, add stickers, whatever makes your inner Goddess roar! Remember, there's no right or wrong way, it's your sacred jar!

set intentions!

Ask yourself, what will my Goddess Jar be used for and how often will I utilize it? In other words, how will you use your jar to aid in rituals? Are you using it for introspection, prayer petitions, moon releases, spells? Are you using is daily, weekly or at random? Decide what works best for you and set your intentions!

get to cleansing!

After you've decorated and set intentions for your Goddess Jar, it's time to clear and balance the energies surrounding your jar. Start by placing your jar next to your bed, on your altar, or anywhere you feel called to. Light sage, palo santo or an incense and cleanse the space surrounding your jar. ( I also suggest that you place crystals in or around your jar to maintain great energies. ) This jar will become a living magickal tool for you if you use it regularly.


already have a Goddess/God jar? Tell me about it by commenting below!

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