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3 Easy Rituals That Clear Unwanted Energies From Your Yoni Eggs

Crystals are a bit like sponges...absorbing and reacting to the environments energies....

Whether, you are using your yoni eggs internally, for external rituals or the feng shui of your space, it's important to clear your gemstones upon receiving them and prior to each ritual. Although there are some stones that don't need clearing, most crystals will pick up negative or unwanted energies over time.


"Crystals are a bit like sponges...absorbing and reacting to the environments energies."


Sugar + Sage | Yoni Egg Clearing and Charging

Whichever method you choose, remember to focus your intention on clearing negative and unwanted energies

Here are a few of my favorite ways to effectively clear my yoni eggs :

Full Moonlight : The rays of the moon are energetically clearing, cleansing, and energizing. Place your stones outside ( preferably ) or in a window where they can soak up the full moon energy.

This is also a great ritual to follow for charging your yoni eggs and various crystals. When in need of a juicy energetic boost...follow this full moon light ritual.

Since the colors of some stones may fade in the sun, I highly suggest moonlight charging.

Crystal Sea Salt: Crystals can be placed in dry, coarse sea salt for up to 24 hours to clear them. I also prefer to store them in sea salt to keep them from picking up energies from their surroundings.

Because salt can get stuck in any crevices, please be sure to give your yoni eggs a nice dip in hot water prior to using.

Smudging: Smudging is one of my favorite and the quickest method of clearing crystals and stones of unwanted energy. To smudge your yoni eggs, pass your stone several times through the smoke of burning cedar, sage, sweetgrass, palo or incense.

My personal smudge of choice is floral white sage. Incorporating sensual pleasure along with your smudging ritual promotes mindfulness and presence.

You may also use a mist spray of essential oil of white sage if you are sensitive to burning smudge materials. If using a mist spray, please be sure to dip your yoni egg in hot water prior to insertion.

Unsure of where to purchase authentic California White Sage? We have you covered! Click here to shop our hand wrapped floral white sage.


"Remember to breathe and listen to your inner intuition for the clearing ritual that resonates most with you."


Now that you've cleared your yoni egg, it’s best to program your stone or set intentions.

Infusing your personal intentions is one of the best ways to connect to or program your yoni egg.

Infuse the crystal with your pure intentions by trying this...

Stand in pure light (outside or inside)

Hold the crystal in the palm of your left hand. (your left side is best because it's your receiving side)

Close your eyes.

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

And out loud, set your intentions.

*This is a simple reconnection process advised to practice after every clearing.


xoxo ~ Love and Hugs

Do you have a unique way of clearing and charging your gemstones? Feel free to share below!

For more info on our certified yoni eggs please visit Yoni Eggs F + Q.

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