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5 Sensual And Simple Pleasure Rituals To Practice Daily

Sensuality is not just an expression, it's a fulfilling and radiant way of living.

A sensuous lifestyle fosters moments of gratitude, initiates gentle reminders of how alive you are and provides you a vast feeling of nowness.

If you actively look for them, there are many moments throughout the day to connect to your sensuality.

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"Sensuality is not just an expression, it's a fulfilling and radiant way of living."


Here are 5 simple ways to begin tapping in daily :

Step 1 : There's beauty you see it? ( Sight )

There's nothing more sensual than seeing something that appeals to you. With the negative muck we possibly encounter daily we may easily forget to look for the beauty in the world around us.

How do you feel when you wake up to a radiant view, watch a sunset or simply catch a glimpse of your favorite piece of artwork?

That's the feeling we want to continuously perpetuate.

While moving throughout your day, actively look around and ask yourself this question :

In this very moment, what do I see that is absolutely beautiful?

Step 2 : Listen For It ( Hearing )

One of the most common ways of tapping into the sensual self is through music. Music is a tool that can immediately bring you out of your mind and into your body.

Another way to connect to your sensuality through sound is to step outside and listen for whatever sound comes. If you listen closely, Mother Nature has her own music.

Next time your walking the dog, on an elevator or simply grocery shopping ask yourself this question :

In this moment, how soothing is this sound to me?

Step 3 : Take It Slow ( Taste )

While eating or drinking, how long do we allow ourselves to enjoy that moment of absolute deliciousness? This can be as simple as the gratifying taste of coffee in the morning or that yummy bite of chocolate on the first day of your period.

Use times like these as a moment to tap into your sensual self. Here's a simple question to slow down and ask yourself after biting into something delish :

With this bite/drink, how yummy does this taste moving across my tongue?

Step 4: Stop and Smell The Roses ( Smell )

Who doesn't love a heavenly smell?

One of the many ways to ensure that you're tapped into a satisfying smell throughout the day is to have your favorite essential oil or perfume accessible.

Another way to connect to your sensuality through smell daily is to actively seek alluring scents. You can simply tap in while cooking dinner or when you walk pass someone drenched in a smell-good cologne. Use these little moments to take a big whiff, let the scent travel throughout your body and ask yourself :

Right now, how lovely does this smell?

Step 5 : Graze With Your Fingertips ( Touch )

With the daily hustle and bustle we rarely stop and think about the many things we are touching.

A simple and sure way to connect to your sensuality through touch is by running your fingertips throughout your hair, caressing your thigh underneath a table or wrapping yourself in your favorite satin robe. While you're grazing your fingers across that lush body of yours slow down and ask yourself :

How succulent does this feel?


"Connecting to your sensuality throughout the day is a gratifying and lucid practice."


Remember to slow down and consciously search for those little moments that feel good to the touch, are beautiful to look at, smell delicious, sound soothing and taste absolutely yummy.

Do you have pleasure rituals that you use to connect to your sensuality daily? I would love to hear about them, leave a comment below!

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