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Sensual Self, 11 Day Journaling Challenge

As an adult it may feel a little ridiculous or even childish to keep a journal but according to experts and my personal experience, journaling can be quite therapeutic and a great way to connect to your sensuality. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, moments of checking in with self become few and far in-between. For my Goddesses who may still be on the fence about reintroducing their "dear diary" moments, here are just a few benefits of daily journaling:


"...journaling can be quite therapeutic and a great way to connect to your sensuality."


1. Restores

Not only does journaling aid in healing but it is also proven to lower stress and induce better sleep. It is extremely hard to function throughout the day or even sleep with a lot on your mind, so why not write it down and get it out? Documenting your experiences allows for the air to be cleared and the weight to be removed from your mind.

2. Improves self-confidence

Writing about moments that make you proud allows for you to go back and re-live it at any moment. These noted moments are perfect for anytime you are filled with self-doubt and need a boost of self-confidence. According to various studies, re-living proud moments release endorphins and dopamine which will further boost your mood. So keep track of those peaceful moments Goddess!

3. Evokes mindfulness and brings you into the present

Every time you sit to write down your current feelings you are actively living in the present. Journaling has the power to take control of those awry thoughts of ours and pull us into the moment.


Valuing the many benefits of daily writing, I have created a journaling challenge primarily focused around re-connecting to your sensual self. The Sensual Self 11 Day Journaling Challenge will begin on Sunday, July 29th.

Sugar and Sage | Sensual Self Journaling Challenge

Ok Goddess, are you ready? Here are the details for the Sensual Self, 11 Day Journaling Challenge:


This challenge is not about me, it's about you! This is one of the few challenges where there are absolutely no rules, all I'm asking is for you to write daily. Daily writing is not about skill or readability, it's about discovery. Journaling can be very personal so you don't have to share what you write unless you're called to.

How this works:

For 11 consecutive days a detailed Sensual Self journaling prompt will be shared via Facebook and Instagram. ( The prompts will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook page so be sure to like and follow us! ) This challenge consists of you carving out time daily to open your journal and write, using the prompts given as inspiration. Thats it!


Here are a few ways to get creative with this journaling challenge:

  • Buy a new journal and customize it.

  • Incorporate this challenge into your current yoni egg practice or daily Goddess rituals.

  • Set the scene for your daily writing by lighting candles or your favorite incense.


Have a friend who you think would benefit from this challenge? Share this post or tag her on our social media!

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