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A 5 Minute Daily Pleasure Ritual

When you think of the word pleasure, what comes to mind?

Pure pleasure is a moment of mindfulness, presence, and feminine connection. A moment where you're not anxious about the future, nor worried about the past.

Pleasure is simply a moment where you feel damn good.

How often do you truly take time to seek moments of pure pleasure within your day?

Pleasure-seeking does not take intense planning or well thought out self-care days. With a busy schedule, you may only have a few minutes for yourself. Incorporating simple rituals that can easily be practiced anywhere at any time is important for your mental, spiritual, and sensual well-being.


"Ignite your sense of touch, invite self-loving energy and shift into the now..."


Find a quiet and private space where you can be unbothered for just a few minutes.

Begin sitting or lying comfortably.

First, relax your shoulders and release tension in your jaw. Now, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Ground yourself by noticing the support from the surface beneath you. Begin inhaling through the nose and guiding the breath towards your lower abdomen ( womb space ) then, back up and out through the mouth. Intentionally breathing in love, peace, and ease, and exhaling any thoughts that no longer serve you.

( Continue this breathing pattern throughout your pleasure ritual. )

When you're ready, begin gently gliding your fingertips across your entire body. Tracing the neck, face, abdomen, etc...anywhere you feel pulled to caress.

Remember, there is absolutely no rush so take your time. As you lovingly touch your entire body, notice any tension that you may be carrying. Give yourself permission to soften the fingertips, relax the face, and settle any trembles.

Appreciate your curves, marks, dimples, and the softness of your skin. If negative thoughts begin to arise, acknowledge them, remind yourself that you are safe, and exhale.


"Appreciate your curves, marks, dimples, and the softness of your skin..."

Sugar and Sage // Sensual Movement // Yoni Eggs

Continue this pleasure ritual for as long as you feel called to.

Pleasure is your birthright.

Give yourself a loving hug and out loud say a positive affirmation of your choice.

How do you feel?

xoxo ~ Happy pleasure-seeking Goddess!


Take this pleasure ritual a step further by incorporating a yoni egg into your practice.

Need more info on our certified yoni eggs and it's associated practices? Get all of your questions answered by clicking here.

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