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Does Social Media Affect Your Sensuality?

You've heard the buzz around the effects of obsessive social media use and how ultimately it may aid in depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia and so much more but, we don't often hear about the effects of social media on our sensuality.

Does the constant scrolling, social suggestions, and images hinder your sensual embodiment more than it helps?


Social media may possibly play a role in your sensual self disconnect if after use :

You question whether you are "sensual enough".

You feel shame and/or apologize for sharing anything "too sensually expressive".

You find yourself no longer identifying with your authentic sensual nature.

You're becoming more attached to the visual ideals of sensuality ( body type, the way one dresses, etc. ) rather than embodiment.

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Here are 4 quick ways to combat the stifling effects of social media on your sensuality :

1. Don't be afraid to unfollow.

Think of your personal social media platforms as your house. Would you allow anyone to enter?

When you follow accounts that don't inspire you, resonate with you or simply cause you dis-ease...unfollow, unfriend, and reclaim your power.

2. Interact and build a sensual social community.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will not only inspire you to continue on your sensual feminine path but, they also provide a safe-haven to return to when you're in need of an uplift. Like, comment, reply to stories, and build a social relationship with those who you feel vibrate similarly to you.

3. Remember who you are.

Although it's up in the air as to who stated this well-known quote, it still rings true... "Comparison is the thief of joy."


"Comparison is the thief of joy."


Remembering who you are no matter what they are doing or say is extremely important in maneuvering through social media. Often times you see sensually expressive social images and videos that may make you question if you're "sensual", "sexual" and/or "feminine enough". Remember, your authentic sensual expression is similar to your will not mimic any others.

When the feelings of comparison, self-doubt, etc. show up, it's ok. Take a moment to acknowledge your feelings and have a brief conversation with self.

A great way to begin the conversation with self in times of social media dis-ease is to ask yourself the below :

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

Is this true?

4. Limit your time on social media.

According to, on average we spend 11 hours a day on media.

Consuming others highlight reel at this rate may easily induce feelings of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, unhealthy comparison, and/or sensual disconnect.

Try this :

Instead of grabbing the phone to scroll, grab a drink of water and drink it slowly, take a barefoot stroll outside, or simply breathe. If you feel called to, this may also be a great time to practice a pleasure or self-care ritual.

( If you're in need of self-care and pleasure ritual inspiration check out our blog posts, A 5 Minute Daily Pleasure Ritual and 5 Sensual and Simply Pleasure Rituals to Practice Daily. )

This time away will bring you into the present and guide you to refocus on your sensual feminine power. Social media will be there when you get back.


"Social media will be there when you get back."


Truth is, social media can be a fun, inspiring, and great way to connect with people; however; as you scroll....remember that your sensual and sexual expression are both unique to you.


Mantra: I will not allow social media to negatively affect something that's innately mine. I unapologetically embrace both my sensual and sexual expression. It's my birthright.

Sending you love, hugs, and pleasure.

~ Desire'

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