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4 Tips For Smudging or Smoke Cleansing Your Space

How often do you energetically cleanse your space, crystals, and Yoni eggs?

Since ancient times, burning herbs have been used as an energetic clearing and healing tool. Smudging is believed to create and clear space by purifying, balancing, dispelling energies, and raising vibrations.

Smoke cleansing is an integral part of my sacred rituals including my Yoni egg, pleasure, movement, and meditation rituals. 

Now you may be wondering...which smudge do I choose?

Although white sage is the most commonly used smudging herb of the west, all plants are sacred.

Here is a list of herbs that I often utilize in my personal rituals as well as an offer within my hand wrapped smudge sticks.

Basil – for attracting peace, love and releasing anxiety

Bay Leaves – for intuitive power, attracting financial abundance

Cinnamon – to aid in healing and raise vibrations.

Lavender – to bring forth calm, peace love and restful sleep

Palo Santo – used for deep healing and energetic cleansing

Rosemary – to increase creativity, feminine energy and balance the heart space

Rose - to bring forth love, compassion, and sensual feminine energy

White Sage  – used to clear unwanted energies from space, people and/or objects

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Smudging is an integral part of all of my sacred rituals including my Yoni egg, pleasure, movement, and meditation rituals.


Here are 4 basic tips for smudging :

1: Open windows and/or doors. ( If applicable ) 

Opening the windows and doors allows for the stagnant, unwanted energies to shift and work its way outside of your space. 

2: Light the herbs. 

Light one end of your smudge stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Once the flame extinguishes, gently blow and fan the end of the smudge stick. The smudge stick will then begin to smoke. You can now place the smudge stick in an abalone shell or any heat-safe dish to catch the ashes as they release. 

** Be safe when working with any type of fire. 

3: Set intentions.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and set an intention for your smudging ritual. Picture any unwanted energies releasing with the smoke and welcome all of the loving, peaceful, and light energy.

4. Circle the smoke.

During my smoke cleansing rituals, I hold my smudge stick and guide the smoke around my entire house. You are not limited to smudging any one particular space.

Another great way to smudge is by intentionally choosing objects that you would like to cleanse. Lay your Yoni eggs and/or any objects that you would like to smudge on a table. Once you have your objects prepared circle the smoke around them, allowing the unwanted energies to release.

If you feel called-to, you may also use your hand to guide the smoke over your entire body. 


Release, focus on your intentions, and breathe in your power...


** Although the ritual of smudging varies based on culture, spiritual preferences and/or intentions...this post was written with the commonly explored westernized ritual of smudging in mind.

xoxo ~ Desire`


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