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4 Ways To Cultivate A Sensual Movement Practice During The Winter Season

Although there are many misconceptions about sensual movement, a few things reign true...

sensual movement is often healing, grounding, affirmative, revitalizing, liberating, and nourishing.


With the immense amount of uncertainty, a shift in seasons, and heightened collective energy it is normal to feel some levels of disconnect from your sensual, sexual, spiritual, and erotic body.

Eye see you, take a deep breath. ~ Desire'


Here are a few ways to maintain or cultivate a sensual movement practice during the dark days.

1. Rest, Retreat, and Muse

When imagining ways to explore sensual movement your first thought may be to move. I have a bit of a different philosophy ~ I believe the first step is stillness. Stillness is often space where you reconnect with your breath, calm the mind, set clear intentions, and muse.

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Breathe and ask yourself :

How is my heart?

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

What do I need..emotionally, sensually, physically, mentally, and spiritually?


Give yourself permission to retreat. Inner-stand that rest and musings are just as important on your sensual feminine journey as physical movement.


2. Rise and Tune-In

Once you've taken the time to become clear on your needs and desires...explore intuitive movement.

Carve out a few minutes in the morning or before bed to tune into what your body needs.


There is so much liberation in releasing the pull to be performative and moving authentically. Stretch, circle, and engage the areas of your body that call to you.


This is your time to close your eyes, breathe, surrender to your sensual body, and explore.

3. Seek Support

You do not have to navigate your sensual feminine journey alone.

During seasons where it may be challenging to remain consistent, meeting with a sensual movement guide at designated times can be deeply supportive.


A great guide will not only hold space for you as you navigate the ups and downs of the dark days but, will also provide you with the appropriate tools to honor exactly where you are on your sensual movement journey.


If you are in need of support, I am always here.

Click here to find out more about my 1:1 virtual sensual movement offerings.

4. Be Gentle With Yourself

Lastly, give yourself that love, forgiveness, and compassion that you so freely give to others. Releasing judgment surrounding where you are currently on your movement journey is so important during the winter seasons.

Whether you are exploring stillness, rolling out your yoga mat, or twerking while are still a sensual being.


Overstand that no matter the amount of time away from your movement practice, it is always there to welcome you with open arms when you're ready.


Affirm yourself, surrender to the cyclical nature of the movement, and most importantly...breathe.

** This is not an all-inclusive or "quick-fix" list but rather an invitation to begin exactly where you are.

Always with so much love and pleasure. ~ Desire'


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