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A 5 Minute Rising Movement Ritual

Don't wait until mid-day to awaken your sensual body...

Here's a simple rising pleasure ritual to explore before leaving your bed. You don't need any props, music, or assistance. Allow the sound of your breath, your bodily sensations, and your inner-intuition to guide you.

Explore this :

Before rolling out of bed, sit up, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Release any tension within the eyelids, jawline, and shoulders, now take a long inhale through your nose. Open your mouth and exhale ( give your breath sound ).

Sugar and Sage
A 5 Minute Rising Movement Ritual

Repeat as needed.

Now, invite your spine to arch and curl. Maybe you begin to release tension within the neck by incorporating neck rolls, or maybe you welcome your fingertips to graze your body as you feel your way through.

Then, begin to gently circle your hips as you inhale and exhale.

Close your eyes and give your hips permission to circle in both directions. Observe the sensations within the body.

Lastly, affirm yourself.

It's your divine birthright to rise and re-acquaint with your sensual body.


Within this space, there is no right or wrong. Only you know what your soul needs.

~ Sending you love and so much pleasure.


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