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Your Body Has Something Wise To Say

I spent many years ignoring the wisdom that lies within my body - My battle with migraines suggesting that I need to stop overthinking. My unhappy Yoni screaming for me to use discretion and "level-up" on my self-worth. My digestive discomfort offering reminders to trust my inner-intuition and set healthy boundaries. My aching shoulders suggesting that maybe I am attached to a person, place, or idea that no longer serves me.

I ignored all that "she" had to say to me and I paid for it...eventually, I needed physical therapy on my left shoulder, recurring sit-downs with my therapist for anxiety, and suffered from emotional exhaustion as a result of the lack of boundaries with all of those around me.

I made a vow to myself, my sensual body, and my soul that I would remain consistent with our conversations.

Goddess, it's never too late to re-acquaint, heal, and tune into your body's wisdom.


Your body will always send you signals...are you listening?


What is body wisdom?

" The body has an innate wisdom that is constantly monitoring and regulating energy flow and providing feedback to the brain. In many ways, the body provides more accurate information than the mind for understanding our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. While the mind may be confused by the origin and cause of pain and/or illness, the body is all-knowing." ~ Daily Om

Essentially your sensual body is all-knowing and on your side. Reminding you of what it needs through sensation. That aching, that tension, that soreness, the lack of energy...are all forms of communication.

How often are you slowing down, settling into your yin, and tuning in to your body wisdom?


Here are three ways to tune into your body wisdom :

Slow down and become curious about what your body has to say.


So many of us are busy...working, mothering, curating experiences, running businesses, creating, strategizing, etc.; however, balance is important. Often times we wear "being busy" as a badge of honor. Is it really an honor?

It's nearly impossible to hear all that your body has to say while on the go.

Slow down Goddess and breathe.

Open up the lines of communication by carving out a few minutes a day to slow down and check-in with your body. Meditation, journaling, and/or breath-work are great ways to invite stillness.

Honor your feelings.


Honor your feelings by acknowledging them. Often times a feeling and/or emotion will come up and instinctually we will do something to distract ourselves.

A statement commonly made is.. "I'm okay!" Are you really okay?

If you're anything like me you've tried over and over to escape your feelings but eventually, they reappear. I would often ignore my feelings to the point of complete shutdown. My body would "give out" forcing me to acknowledge and process my emotions.

Give yourself the time and space to bring awareness to how you feel. When a feeling/emotion surfaces...slow down and ask yourself - What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this? Is this true?

Understand that these feelings are great wisdom for you regarding what you might want/need physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, and even spiritually.

Make time for movement.


Move your body with the intention of deep communication. Try exploring sensual and intentional movement. Slowing down enough to notice even the smallest of physical sensations.

With each bend, bind, and shift..listen to what your body has to say. Is there any resistance within your body?

( Begin tapping into your body wisdom through sensual here to find out more! )


We have all the wisdom we need to live a healthy, sensual, and embodied life. Your sensual embodiment is waiting for you on the other side of stillness, musings, and movement.

Trust what your body has to say...she knows you better than anyone else.

~ Sending you love, embodiment, and so much pleasure!


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