A 3-Week Sensual Movement Series

"Lace" is the perfect 3-week series for all who :

- want to explore self-love & its correlation to movement

- want a safe & loving space to explore their sensuality

- want to enhance body awareness

- want to learn how to use sensual movement as a meditative & sexually expressive tool

- want to enhance mobility & flexibility

- want to awaken creative feminine energy & soul-filled passion

- want to slow down and allow the body to lead

- want to explore movement methodologies that can be practiced anywhere, at any time.


Overall this series is for every Goddess who wants to feel embodied, free & unapologetically sensual!

Each week includes :

Movement Exploration

Energy Shifting and Balance 

Feminine Embodiment Prompts

Sensual Affirmations

Mobility and Strengthening Exercises

Sister Time, Open-Floor Discussions and Reflections

Come move, breathe and have space held for you as you cultivate a stronger, loving relationship with your sensual body.

Week 1 is all about honoring the feminine rhythms and awakening shakti ( power ) energy. Sensual yoga is a feminine and empowering twist on traditional Hatha yoga styles.

With the feminine body in mind, we utilize yoga asanas ( physical poses ), sensual movement prompts, breath-work, soul-filled music, affirmations and meditative practices to enhance overall mobility, balance and sensual-body connection.

Sensual Yoga

Dallas, TX // Sat, Oct 19th // 11:30-1PM


*space is limited

and RSVP required.

Get out of your head and into the body. Come explore your sensual and sexual movement expression, off of the mat.


During "Feminine Flow" we utilize floor flow movement sequences, breath-work, freestyle prompts, movement meditation practices and soul-filled music to gently guide everyone into the sensual body and enhance overall body awareness.

Week 2 has been curated to slow you down by finding stillness in movement, sensual moments in flow and nuancing.

Feminine Flow

Dallas, TX // Sat, Oct 26th // 11:30-1PM


*space is limited

and RSVP required.

Week 3 is all about Yoni Magic and Womb Power.

Yoni Yoga is a womb centered, sensual and soulful twist on traditional yin yoga styles. This experience is intended to expand feminine awareness,  honor the feminine cycles, safely shift energy in/around the hips and promote healthy yoni/womb connection.

Utilizing restorative yoga asanas ( physical poses ), hip and heart openers, pelvic floor exercises, breath-work and loving womb meditation practices, this Yoni Yoga experience opens the floor to shamelessly accepting self in it's entirety.

Yoni Yoga

Dallas, TX // Sat, Nov 2nd // 11:30-1PM


*space is limited

and RSVP required.

Facts and Questions

What do I need to wear/bring?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in and BYOM. ( BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MAT )

A few things to consider bringing :

* Leggings & socks or leg warmers

* Crystals and/or sacred tools that make you feel comfortable

* Water and/or Water Bottle

** Heels ( Optional for Week 2 )

** Knee Pads ( Highly suggested for Week 2 )

What if I can't make it to all three weeks?

Although attending all three weeks is highly suggested for the full experience, each week has been curated with different intentions in mind. So no worries, if you can't make it to all three weeks!

Reserve your spots according to your schedule availability. 

I'm a beginner mover, is this 3-week series for me?

Yes! This experience in its entirety surrounds the idea that there is power in honoring the feminine body at any stage and at any level of movement experience.

Perfection is not the goal during this 3-week experience, the focus is on connection to self.

For every prompt and/or movement sequence, adjustments and alternative movement options will be provided if needed. Supportive tools such as yoga blocks, straps and blankets will also be provided if needed.

Who will be my instructor?

Desire`( creator and instructor at Sugar + Sage ), also known as ( @iampolebunny ) will be your instructor for all three classes. To find out more about her, click here!

For Week 3, are we required to wear yoni eggs?

Absolutely not! A yoni egg journey is a personal and very sacred practice that is up to you to decide if you're 

interested or ready for. Although week 3 energetically centers around the womb and yoni space, you are not required to wear and/or purchase a yoni egg. The Yoni Yoga class can be experienced fully without any additional sacred tools.

Do I have to RSVP?

Due to space limits and proper preparations, RSVP is required. 

Where in Dallas, TX is the series taking place?

13740 Midway Rd Suite 714 

Dallas, TX 75244

For further questions and/or concerns feel free to contact me directly at

~ Desire` xoxo