Red "Grounding" Jasper // GIA Certified Yoni Egg

Red "Grounding" Jasper // GIA Certified Yoni Egg

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Corresponding to the root chakra, this Red Jasper Yoni Stone is the ultimate stabilizer and grounding assistant. Using a Red Jasper Yoni Egg is a fantastic way to gently guide you back to self as you care for, strengthen, and love on the most sacred part of your body. This is the perfect stone if you're feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and out of touch with your sensual and spiritual body. 
What's included with your Yoni egg?
Discreet Packaging
Drilled Yoni Egg Kit ( Cleaning stems and 6 ft of natural Yoni egg string  )
Satin Travel Bag
Quick Yoni Egg Guide 
Full Moon Charge and infused with positive, loving intentions.

++We provide the purest, GIA certified crystal Yoni eggs and wands that support womxn in reclaiming their sensuality, pleasure, and feminine power.
++100% natural - does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment.

We pride ourselves on choosing only the highest quality, grade-a, sustainable gemstones. And just as important, our items never contain anything unnecessary or harmful. Our crystal yoni eggs are never enhanced or altered, contain no harmful plastics, phthalates, solvents, silicones, PVCs, and other unsafe materials. We use only 100% organic crystal to make our products, nothing more. 
Our yoni eggs come in privacy packaging containing a satin traveling pouch, quick yoni egg guide, and drilled yoni egg cleaning kit.
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