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Melt is a beginner-friendly Restorative Yoga experience that balances the nervous system, boosts the immune system, releases tension within the muscles, and invites introspection through fully supported asanas ( physical poses ). Curated with the sensual feminine in mind, Melt is the perfect sensual and soul-filled space to slow down, calm, re-acquaint with your breath, and explore your erotic body through gentle movements. 


Within this experience Desire' will guide you through a number of asanas ( poses ) intended to invite stillness, release stress, and re-align your mind, sensual body, and spirit. This is your opportunity to climb in bed, restore your sensual body, settle into your feminine, and welcome in the powerful inner-G of the Full Moon. Find out more about Restorative Yoga and it’s direct relation to the sensual feminine by clicking here!

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The Moon // So many of us move underneath her energy unaware of her direct influence on our experience of being. Most often, the moon is represented as feminine ( yin ) energy, while the sun is associated with masculine ( yang ) energy ~ Both necessary and both powerful. The universe itself shows us that balance is essential to our sensual, sexual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Working with the moon is one way to restore balance, honor your cyclical nature, and lean into your own wisdom. ~ Desire’

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