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Get Naked...Literally and Figuratively

For centuries nudity has been a hot topic.

Patriarchy, sexism, misogyny, and social constructs have tainted our approach to nudity and hindered our abilities to show up fully. Embedding in many of us that nudity is fitting only within the privacy of our bedroom, for the pleasure of others, for capitalistic gain...and let's take a step further, only if your body fits the unrealistic expectation of perfection. This targeted shame has been passed down in cheap handbags for generations and has influenced us in many ways.

How often do you say yes to things that you really want to say no to?

When you look at your nude body do you notice the parts of yourself that you dislike first?

How often do you compare your sensual body to those in media?

How often do you shrink in spaces for the comfort of others?

This appears to be our new normal; however, it does not have to be.


"Reclaiming our nude body and all of its juicy glory is an act of resistance." ~ Desire'


I didn't realize the effects that societal standards had on me until I begin exploring sensual movement. I would wear concealing clothing, hide in the back of the class, and keep a close eye on the mirror. Not out of loving admiration but, out of fear that I would perform a move aggressive enough to display what I then considered flaws. This was no healthy way of living; however, this was my human experience. It took me a long time to be unapologetic in my nudity. My body is painted with marks, scar tissue, dimples, dark spots, rolls, and folds..all deemed unacceptable by many. Every day I make a commitment to reclaim my pleasure, embody my sensuality, resist what doesn't serve me, and take up space anyway. So can you.

Here are three ways to begin your journey towards naked liberation :

1. Release the pull to be performative.

Often times we aspire to be "as sensual" or "as liberated" in our nakedness as what we've witnessed. Instinctually inviting us to mimic what we understand to be acceptable forms of nudity. Editing, adjusting, and re-coloring the natural depths of our human body. Pause and take a deep breath. Allowing your nude body to show up in an authentic way and free from performance forges space for you to stand shamelessly in all areas of your life.

2. Adorn your body.

"You may not see my Yoni egg but, she's there. Guiding me towards radical acceptance, filling up my pleasure tank, and attracting all of the beauty that this human experience has to offer. ;)" ~ Desire'

My Yoni Egg practice is more than a tool to strengthen my pelvic floor and enhance orgasmic pleasure, it's also a sacred adornment and gentle reminder of infinite beauty.

There's something magical that happens when you dress your flesh or *Yoni in pieces that make you feel regal. Whether it's African waist beads, crystal jewelry, tattoos, and/or piercings...find adornments that support you on your journey back to nakedness.

3. Get in front of the mirror and explore.

How often do you stand in front of the mirror naked, with the intention to simply observe, learn, and reacquaint?

This is not an easy practice; however, it's accessible when you're ready. The mirror is a reflection of how you see yourself. See love.

With love, graze your fingertips across the folds. Notice the dark spots that paint your body canvas. Feel the vibrations within the jiggle of your thighs as you swing your hips from side to side with shameless force.

Resist the pull to adjust and reject the mental call to run down a list of "quick fix" options. These programmed thoughts and feelings will come up, and that's okay. Acknowledge them, send them love, and proceed.


Nudity is no longer a space of shame. I resist that. It's a space of raw, unfiltered, and empowering agency. An invitation to take up space, reclaim autonomy over your flesh, and breath-in all aspects of your humanness fully. This is your divine birthright.


* “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” Its symbol has been worshiped in Eastern cultures since ancient times for bestowing life, creativity, and love.

*Learn more about Yoni Eggs and associated practices by clicking here.


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