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3 Reasons Why I Prefer Crystal Pleasure Wands Over Traditional Vibrators

As a Tantrika and Pleasure Activist, I own a few vibrators, have indulged in traditional self-pleasure rituals, and am here for taking a trip or two to the local sex shop; however, I've always been a fan of the healing and balancing powers of natural crystals, beautiful things, and inviting sacredness into my sexual experiences. 

Before I dive into the lovely aspects of crystal self-pleasure wands, let me fill you in on what they are. The Sugar and Sage Yoni Wands are GIA Certified crystal that has been polished, carved into various shapes ( curved, straight, spiraled ), and are intended for sacred pleasure, sexual liberation, and healing.

On any given day I would choose a crystal wand over a vibrator.

Here are 3 reasons why :

1. Crystal wands are unique and simply luxurious, oh and did I mention...they can be temperature controlled!

If you've been wanting to infuse luxury and sacred beauty into your self-pleasure rituals, crystal wands are the way to go! They are smooth, weighted, and because these are all-natural crystal, no wand looks like the other.

In addition to beauty, crystal wands offer another layer of sensual exploration. If you're feeling curious, you can spice up your self-pleasure practice by experimenting with cold and warm sensations.

( ** This can be done by simply placing the wand in warm or cool water. These wands are natural crystal so they must be treated with care. Cooling a hot wand to quickly could certainly lead to fractures. )


Unlike my vibrator, the crystal wand offers more than a quick invites beauty, luxury, curiosity, and sacredness into my self-pleasure rituals. ~ Desire'


2. Crystal wands are programmable and carry sacred healing and awakening properties.

Sacred is not just a buzz word. Every wand carries it's on crystal properties and corresponds with particular chakras.

Rose Quartz Wands || Corresponding to the heart chakra, this Rose Quartz Yoni Wand tends to your physical, sensual, and sexual being. Rooted deeply in the heart space, this is the perfect wand to transform both intimacy and orgasmic pleasure

Clear Quartz Wands || Known to harmonize all chakras, the Clear Quartz Yoni Wand tends to your entire being. Energetically enhancing intuition, healing, and nourishing your spiritual, sensual, and emotional body.

Whether exploring internally or externally, a crystal self-pleasure wand infuses healing, surrendering, and awakening energies into your practice.

3. Crystal Wands are all-natural!

Unlike my traditional vibrators, the Sugar and Sage crystal wands are 100% certified all-natural crystal. Free from synthetics, dyes, and other inauthentic materials.

Something to muse on || Did you know that the sex-toy industry is not regulated? Although I am not the pickiest Goddess in the group, I ( like so many of you ) am quite particular about what I introduce within and around my Yoni.

These sacred tools are derived from mother earth herself and are here to support us on our journey of reconnecting with our sensual feminine bodies and reclaiming agency over our pleasure. It gets no better ( and no more natural ) than that!


Beautiful, prioritize your sexual pleasure.

Take a long bath or shower, turn on some feel-good music, grab a crystal wand ( or two ), and indulge in full-body energetic vibrations.


Sending you love, hugs, and orgasmic pleasure ~ Desire'


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