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3 Ways To Increase Your Capacity For Pleasure

Pleasure is accessible to you always and in all ways. In the midst of darkness we find comfort in knowing that pleasure is still available to us.


Although the concept of "pleasure" is often limited to sexual satiation, pleasure expands beyond carnal satisfaction and lands in the worlds of sensual wonder, play, curiosity, mindfulness, and BEing. Your intentional breaths, your barefooted treks, your naps - are all rooted in pleasure. - Desire’


Increasing your capacity for pleasure involves understanding your desires and taking intentional steps to enhance your sensual, sexual, and spiritual experiences. Because many of us have been conditioned to believe that we must earn our pleasure, we often don't feel worthy of this level of joy. We may find ourselves feeling guilty for our moments of ease and enveloped in shame when we experience pleasure. Increasing your capacity for pleasure takes practice.

How do you define pleasure?

Although the experience of pleasure is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person, pleasure is a broad term that commonly refers to a feeling of enjoyment, satisfaction, or happiness. It can be physical, energetic, and mental, encompassing a wide range of sensations and emotions. Pleasure often arises from activities, experiences, or stimuli that are perceived as positive or nourishing, leading to a sense of well-being and contentment. It can be related to various aspects of life, including sensory experiences (such as taste, touch, or sight), emotional connections, achievements, or even intellectual stimulation.

Pause and muse - How do you define pleasure?

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Here are some suggestions to help you increase your capacity for pleasure:

1. Explore Your Interests & Desires

Engage in activities that genuinely interest you. Whether it's a hobby, art, music, or sports, find what brings you joy and immerse yourself in it. Be open and curious. What are some new things that you would like to explore sensually, sexually, and spiritually? How can you further immerse yourself in your current hobbies and/or practices?Open lines of communication with yourself about your desires is crucial for increasing your capacity for pleasure.

2. Ritualize Sensual Experiences and Prioritize Self-Intimacy

Ritualize experiences that stimulate your senses, such as enjoying massages, self-pleasure, aromatherapy, or tasting different cuisines. Pay attention to how your senses respond to different stimuli. Sensual experiences are vital for our perception of the world and are interconnected, often working together to provide a holistic understanding of our surroundings. The deeper you connect to your senses, the deeper you connect to your true nature.

In-To-Me-You-See. The practice of deepening the connection with oneself is self-intimacy. 'The ancient Greeks called it 'philautia', which literally means 'self-love'. This is the first and most important step in developing the relationship with pleasure, your sensual body, your sexual energy, and your erotic power. It’s very hard ( and nearly impossible ) to truly build a connection with another without a genuine understanding, acceptance, and connection with oneself. Take a deep breath. Feeling comfortable, confident, and intimately connected to your own body can positively impact your ability to experience pleasure.


Pleasure thrives where safety exists. When you feel safe in your own body you're not only more receptive to pleasure, you believe you're worthy of it. ~ Desire'


Ritualizing practices such as Sensual Yoga supports you with increasing self-intimacy. Find out more about Sensual Yoga and it's direct effect on ones self-intimacy by clicking here.

3. Limit Distractions and Savor The Moment

Create an environment conducive to pleasure by minimizing distractions. Turn off electronic devices and be fully present in the moment. When distractions are reduced, our minds have the space to wander, be curious, create, and be immersed in the present moment. All aspects of true pleasure. Mindfullness serves as a reminder that pleasure is available to you always and in all ways. Oftentimes, we have to slow down and disconnect long enough to notice the pleasure that exists in the here and now. Take the time to savor and appreciate enjoyable moments, whether it's a delicious meal, a beautiful sunset, or a good conversation. Pleasure is your birthright.

Remember, everyone's journey to experiencing pleasure is unique. It's essential to be patient with yourself, explore your desires, and seek what genuinely brings you fulfillment and joy.


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As always, I am sending you so much love, hugs, and an abundance of pleasure. - Desire’ ( Sugar and Sage Creator & Guide )


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