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Ground Yourself First, Then Explore…

Whether exploring sensual movement, Yoni Egg practices, sacred self-pleasure rituals, etc. it’s important to ground yourself first. Grounding exercises are helpful in moments where you may find yourself overwhelmed, anxious, distracted by doubt, questioning your abilities, and so much more.

If you find yourself feeling any of the aforementioned…before engaging in exploratory movement or rituals, anchor yourself to Mother Earth, to the present moment, to your sensual body.


Grounding ( also known as earthing ) is an exercise that connects you to the present moment, energetically anchors you to Mother Earth, and supports you in surrendering to your authentic emotional, sensual, and sexual body.


Although all are rooted in similar intentions, there are many ways to ground yourself.

Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not work for you. Also, what works for you this week may not work for you the next.

Here are 4 of my go-to grounding exercises:

Utilize breath as your anchor.

Focusing on your breath is one of the simplest and easiest accessible ways to recenter and bring ourselves into the present moment. One of my favorite breathing exercises to explore is belly breathing. Belly breathing helps to correct and redirect shallow breathing and so much more.

Begin by lying on your back or seated in a comfortable upright position.

Close your eyes and begin inhaling and exhaling through your nasal passageway.

Place one hand over your lower abdomen ( womb space ) and one over your chest ( heart space ).

Practice inhaling into your hand on your belly first. As your belly expands, your ribs and chest will follow.

On your exhale, draw out all of the air from your belly and repeat.

Continue for up to 10-15 minutes.

( *** As with any breath work practices stop immediately if you begin to feel dizzy, nauseous, unstable, etc. )


“Breath is one of your greatest resources. Your breath serves as a gentle reminder of your feminine divinity, your connection to nature, and your existence within the here and now.” ~ Desire’


Spread underneath the warmth of the sun…

Yoni sun bathing is a great way to ground yourself, but is also an amazing way to mindfully awaken your sexual energy, your erotic power, and bring harmony.

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Find a safe and private space underneath direct sunlight or a window that receives lots of sun.

Utilize your breath as an anchor. ( see above )

For 10-15 mins open your legs and have your Yoni drink in the sunshine.

Call in the support of nature herself…pull out your grounding crystals/stones.

Crystals are a great support of grounding energy because they are a gentle reminder of your intentions. Wearing or cultivating a consistent practice with your grounding Yoni Eggs or various earthing stones can keep you relaxed, at ease, and connected to the present moment.

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Here are a few healing crystals that you can use in conjunction with your favorite grounding exercises: Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, and Nephrite Jade.

( Find out more about our certified crystal healing collection by clicking here! )

Remind yourself of who you are right now, in this very moment.

For Example // My name is ________, and I am _______ years old.

( Scan the space and observe what you see, smell, hear, and feel. )

I am currently in/at _________.

Right now I am _________.

I just finished ________.

I am going to _________, and then I am going to _________.


You may find that only one or two of the exercises mentioned here work for you or a particular exercise is supportive when preparing for a movement session and the others supportive for self-pleasure rituals.

Tune into what you need and trust your innate wisdom.


It’s never to late to begin your sensual yoga, embodiment, and reclamation journey. I am here to support you. Click here to explore our 50+ guided on-demand sensual yoga experiences or click here to find out more about one-on one sessions!


As always, I am sending you love, pleasure, and so much ease. ~ Desire’


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