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Sensual Yoga For Better Sex

Did you know that a consistent sensual yoga practice can significantly improve your sex life and strengthen the relationship with your erotic body? We know that mobility, flexibility, range of motion, and breathwork is deeply beneficial to your physical health; however, we don’t often hear about the benefits that it has on your sexual health and erotic body. Let’s talk about it…

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Here are some ways that sensual yoga supports you in improving your sex life :

Sensual yoga cultivates space for healing.

As you heal your sensual body opens. The body ( more specifically your creative space ) is a sacred memory bank that has the ability to hold on to old stories, experiences, unwanted energies, and trauma. Sensual yoga cultivates a safe space for you to move intuitively and intentionally. Your body is wise and knows what it needs; allowing the sensual body to take the lead will often support you in releasing energies that might be lying dormant.

The more you heal, release, and reclaim your sensual body ~ the more receptive you become to sexual pleasure.

Sensual yoga guides you back to breath.

To explore full-bodied orgasms ( both energetic and physical ) and pleasure building ~ nurture the relationship with your breath.

Your breath is an essential aspect of pleasure building. Oftentimes when preparing to orgasm we tense up, hold our breath, and bare down - and this is ok, there’s no right or wrong way here; however, If you would like to play with a different sensation, explore intentional breathing.

Sensual yoga increases mobility and flexibility.

Truth is, range of motion directly affects our sexual experiences. Commonly, the more space that you have within the body, the more comfortable you are trying sexual positions. - As a result, the more access you have to various pleasure points. This does not mean that you have to be the most flexible person to have great sex; instead, sensual yoga serves as a gentle reminder that even for the most limited body, there’s space available.

Sensual Yoga | Sugar and Sage | Bed Yoga | Yoni Eggs | Pleasure Wands | Sensual Movement |

Sensual yoga improves blood flow.

Are there moments when you‘re having a hard time getting into your turn on? It could be due to lack of blood flow. To keep the pleasure center ( pleasure center ~ Yoni, Lingham, Etc. ) juicy, erect, ready, and turned-on…proper blood flow is necessary. Sensual yoga experiences not only stretch the body ( which increases blood flow ) but, they often prompt you to periodically engage the pelvic floor. This exercise alone increases genital blood flow, control, and orgasmic sensation ~ as a result, supports you in arousal.

Sensual yoga raises your vibration.

There is a such thing as a yoga high. That moment when you step off of your mat and your senses are sensing, your mind is at ease, and your heart is open. That moment when all is well within.

When you feel good, your erotic power is elevated and your sexual energy is felt.

Sensual yoga brings you back to your desires, your needs, and your pleasures.

Sex and intimacy hits different when the vibe is high. ;)


It’s never to late to begin your sensual yoga, embodiment, and reclamation journey. I am here to support you. Click here to explore our 50+ guided on-demand sensual yoga experiences or click here to find out more about one-on one sessions!

Sending you so much love, pleasure, and ease. ~ Desire’ ( Creat(her) + Guide )


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