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Sensuous Self Challenge | Sensory Play Edition

Hey beautiful, you’re here and the stars are aligned…it’s time for a new Sensuous Self 7-Day Challenge! Exclusively curated for The Velvet Room Members ( subscription edition only ), this 7-Day experience invites you on a playful journey through the senses. Oftentimes on our sensual feminine journey, we become consumed by the things that we “need to fix” so much so that we forget to play, welcome ease, and be. For this 7-day experience, we keep the energy light by cultivating a safe space of play, curiosity, and juicy indulgence! Are you ready?

Sensual Self, Sugar and Sage, Sensual Movement, Sensual Yoga, Soft Life, Somatic, Healing, Divine Feminine, Goddess, Erotic
Sensuous Self Challenge | Sensory Play Edition

The Sensuous Self Challenge ( Sensory Play Edition ) begins Thursday, October 27th, 2022. Rooted in Yin energy, this will be a week-long challenge intended to invite play, soften you into your sensual feminine energy, and increase sensory ( body ) awareness - through prompted pre-recorded guided sensual yoga, pleasure rituals, and breath work/meditation experiences.

Can't begin with us on the 27th or catching this challenge after it's begun? No worries! You will have access to all Sensuous Self Challenge prompts and guided movement experiences as long as you're a member of The Velvet Room ( Subscription Edition )!

Not a member of The Velvet Room? Click here to find out more and sign up today!


When you ritualize sensory play you cultivate a judgement-free space to have open-floor conversations with your sensual body. Give yourself permission to hold loving space for your inner child, welcome curiousity, and be present with your sensual body. Liberation, healing, unfolding, surrendering, and being all happens when you’re present. ~ Desire'


I can’t wait for you to experience the new sensory play-themed experiences for this challenge! A video detailing challenge prompts, preparation, and what to expect will be available on Wednesday ( October 26th ) in The Velvet Room ( subscription edition only ).


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