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A Full Moon Evening Pleasure Ritual

Before we dive into my go-to Full Moon pleasure ritual remember to charge your Yoni Eggs, Crystal Yoni Wands, and various crystals under every Full Moon!

** For more info on clearing and charging your crystals, click here.


Now, let's chat pleasure and the Full Moon!

The Full Moon is a great time for releasing what no longer serves you, detaching from the old, and creating space for the new. A time for deep cleaning, getting rid of unhealthy habits, detoxing, energetic clearing, and surrendering to change. Because the Full Moon often accompanies immense transition, it is important to hold space for self, allow emotions, and utilize sensual pleasure to ground.

Here is my go-to Full Moon pleasure ritual :

** As with every ritual, begin with clear intentions.

Once you have written, spoken aloud, and/or inhaled your intentions, you're ready to begin!

Begin by letting go of any inhibitions and moving your body.

Take a sensual yoga class, dance in circles, stretch your body, shake, twerk...wake up your pleasure center.

It doesn't matter how or where you move, simply move. Carving out time to shift energy within your body is an important aspect of pleasure living, healing, and Full Moon releasing.

Next, take a warm bath or shower.

Approach your bath or shower time as a moment of immense self-care by setting the mood.

Try lighting candles, smudging your space, and/or turning on high vibrational music.

Sugar and Sage | Certified Yoni Eggs and Crystal Yoni Wands

Slowly step into the shower or bath and relax your entire body. Soften your fingers, draw your shoulders down, gently close your eyes, or soften your gaze. As the water streams down or hugs your body imagine feeling internally lighter and more at ease.

Once you're connected to the present moment, cleanse your entire body with the intention of washing away old thinking patterns, attachments, and ideals that no longer serve you.

Take your time...this ritual is all about ease, self-soothing, and pleasure.


Cleanse your body with the intention of releasing, surrendering, and welcoming. ~ Desire'


After your shower or bath, massage your entire body with natural oil.

Similar to crystals and herbs, there are natural essential oils that are traditionally known to align with various lunar phases.

Here are three of my fav essential oils to mix into my daily topical body oils during the Full Moon :

Rose (Rosa damacenus)

Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Tea tree (Melaleuca alternafolia)

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)


Affirm yourself and call in the new as you oil your entire body - implanting your desires into your skin with every touch. ~ Desire'


** Although this is optional, this is the moment within my Full Moon ritual when I pull out my freshly cleansed Crystal Yoni Wand.

Explore releasing through orgasm.

Take long, deep, intentional breaths. As you gently massage every part of your Yoni notice the thoughts that come up for you. Sexual energy is also creative energy. What are you calling in? What are you energetically releasing?

Lastly, savor a cup of hot herbal tea and journal.

Utilize your favorite cup of caffeine reduced tea to promote mindfulness and for continued pleasure by noticing the smell of the herbs, the support underneath you, your fingers as they wrap around the mug, the tickle of the tea on your tongue. Take your time and savor every sensation.

End your evening Full Moon ritual by writing out your thoughts.

What did you let go?

What did you manifest/call in?

How are you feeling spiritually, sexually, sensually, and emotionally?


always with love, pleasure, liberation, and ease ~ Desire'


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